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RedLine Resophonics R-Body Square Neck Pro Model, #152

This guitar has been built with the traditional classic R-Body size and shape. On this guitar, the top and back are made from solid book-matched European Ash. The sides are made from solid book-matched Honduras Mahogany. The neck is also made of Honduras Mahogany and sports a beautiful jet black ebony Fretboard with Flush Frets. The headstock overlay is also made of Ebony. This guitar is somewhat unique in that we have only built a very few guitars with this wood species combination. This wood combination is a good one though. The European Ash has a stunning grain pattern to it. It also gives this guitar a bit of a "bite" that really lets the bass and treble notes ring out clearly. The Honduran Mahogany somewhat tempers any harshness that might have been there, giving this guitar very clear and bell-like tones. Great for lead and rhythm playing. This guitar also includes our simple, yet efficient internal baffling system inside this guitar, which compliments our internal structure of the guitar (mentioned below). This guitar sounds great and is very fun and easy to play. You may have noticed that this guitar also has f-holes on the top instead of screened or ringed holes, which, coupled with the subtle sunburst finish, adds to the aesthetic beauty of this guitar. As with all of our R-Body style guitars, you will immediately notice plenty of volume, wonderful tone, and all a surprising amount of sustain. All in all, this is a very attractive and well built guitar. It sounds great, and our meticulous set-up adds to the volume, tone, and easy playability of this guitar.