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HGH Electric Banjos

HGH Short Scale Electric Banjos

As some of you that follow our product line may have noticed, the HGH Short Scale Electric Banjo worked its way into our line-up a year or so ago.
Our friend and fellow Nashville picker, Harry Harless brought this instrument to us to build for him. The result was an initial batch of 12 instruments. The bodies were made of pine and the components were, for the most part, procured by Harry from eBay and other such places.

During the transition from being made by Harry to being made here at RedLine, we all feel that we made a quantum leap in quality, consistency, and overall appearance and playability of the instruments.
We also came up with the popular Flying V body shape during this transition.

As we continued to work our way through this project, we realized that there was room for even more improvements. You see, at this same time as we were going forward with this project, we also started getting involved in making Tele Style electric guitars. This lead us into the world of better wood, better electronic components, etc. So, when it came time to build more HGH's, we thought we would incorporate these improvements. We now use a variety of hardwoods for the bodies. We incorporate much higher quality components. We even purchased a high end pick-up winder, and can now custom wind pick-ups to any specifications we desire!

We currently offer these Short Scale Electric Banjos in two basic configurations, those being the single pick-up or two pick-up versions.
FYI, all bodies are routed for a second pick-up, so if you buy a single pick-up model, and decide you want to modify it to a two pick-up system, you can easily do that in the future.

Various colors are available, as always.

Below is a list of these newer specifications. I'm sure you will agree that these all add up to a major improvement over our initial design.

Overall Specifications for Second Generation Five String Mini Electric

  • Five string banjo neck
  • Flying V or Double Cutaway body style
  • Choice of either one or two Custom Von Bret Single Coil 5 Pole Pick-ups (wound to '52 Tele specs)
  • Single Pick-Up Model Wired to Fender Esquire Style Specs
  • 3-Way Oak Grigsby Switch Alpha Full Size Pots Volume and Tone Controls
  • Solid 1 5/8" thick solid Mahogany, Ash, or Maple Body
  • Hard Maple Neck
  • East Indian Rosewood or Maple Fretboard
  • Double-Action Truss Rod
  • 23 3/4" Fret Scale
  • 24 frets for two full octave range
  • 1/4" Mother of Pearl Dot Markers
  • Fully Adjustable Strat Style Hardtail Bridge
  • Bone Nut
  • All metal parts chrome plated
  • Gig Bag Included
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